Recent Projects

  • 7 days
  • Termanin

Eid al-Adha came and it was an opportunity for joy and pleasure.

  • 7 days
  • Anadan

The children of Syria suffered from the war that deprived them of their child

  • 7 days
  • Abzemo and Atarab

After years of continuous war and suffering that deprived the children of Syr

  • 150 days
  • Turkey Orfa Camp Harran

The Watan Rise Organization, in collaboration with Noor Al.Bayan Group, launc

  • 86 days
  • Killi, Idlib

In Syria, the need for vocational education and technical education has becom

  • 56 days
  • Kafar Hamra, Aleppo

Rehabilitation and maintaining apartments in Kafar Hamra to host the civilian


About us

We are WatanRise

Towards a bright tomorrow

a non-profit charitable interested in development

A pioneering NGO that focuses on humanitarian and developmental work, aiming to revive the wounded society in order for it to regain its natural role in world civilization.

An overall developmental organization that seeks to initiate a renaissance which lifts up the humanitarian situation in Syria by seeking out the real needs and addressing them in a professional manner that takes into account the utilization of the community's own strengths

  1. Focusing on meeting urgent humanitarian needs.
  2. Setting developmental projects as our highest priority due the grave importance they have.
  3. Investing in the existing human resources and developing them.
  4. Developing the inherent potential of the Syrian society and helping it reach that potential.